Card Game Sample Project


     If you're looking on this page, you're probably interested in the Sample Project that's available if you purchase this plugin suite. More specifically, you're interested in knowing exactly what you'll be getting in the Sample Project. I'm not going to dilly dally on words so I'll cut right to the chase.

What's Included?

Look below.

1. The three card game plugins plus supporting Yanfly Engine plugins. 

     Naturally, the three card game plugins should be included in the package, but also included are supporting Yanfly Engine plugins with their plugin parameters tweaked to support the sample project. You can copy and paste them from the plugin parameters into your game to keep the same settings.

  • x3 Card Game plugins
  • Irina's Performance Upgrade plugin
  • KEL+YEP Dragonbones Plugin
  • Olivia's Anti-Stress plugin
  • YEP Core Engine
  • YEP Core Updates
  • YEP Item Core
  • YEP Item Categories
  • YEP Item Picture
  • YEP Key Name Entry
  • YEP Main Menu Manager
  • YEP Message Core
  • YEP Extended Message Pack 1 and 2
  • YEP Options Core

2. Complete assets pack. 

     Including the assets pack should be a given. However, the assets pack will only include the bare minimum to let you get started. The sample project will have the assets pack and more, including PSD files for you to modify and create your own elements with. Here's a list of the stuff that you get in it:

  • x6 PSD files of templates for mass card UI creation, booster packs, deck boxes, and more.
  • x14 Booster Pack images
  • x11 Card Back Templates
  • x1 Card Battle Results
  • x7 Card Front Templates
  • Various UI Elements
  • x11 Deck Box images
  • x12 Ruleset images
  • x15 Hologram Overlay images

3. Included Item Database

     There is a database of cards readily made for you to pick and play from inside the sample project itself. The cards are organized by the seven elements, levels 0 through 10, power ratings 0 through 10, making it easy to organize and adapt your own cards in if you decide to use the sample project's database for yourself (which is perfectly allowed by me). Here's what's included:

  • x126 Cards included
  • Unique effects for each card
  • JavaScript code that you can copy/paste
  • Code is also commented for you to understand if you're a JavaScript novice
  • Booster Packs premade with card slots ready.
  • Positioned in such a way where it's easy to add new cards later

4. Card Game Custom-Evented Battle System

     As mentioned before in the previous devlogs and the manual, the battle system is custom-evented, which means it is completely flexible for you to edit/change to your liking provided that you have adequate eventing experience. Here's a list of everything that's included.

  • Fully custom-evented battle system, meaning you can change it up however you like
  • Each common event is split up into smaller common events to make it easier for you to figure out what's going on, where, and how to specifically change certain aspects that you want
  • Comments added to each of the common events explaining what each one does so you won't feel lost
  • Comments added to the script calls used inside the common events so that you won't feel lost
  • Extra room in certain phases for you to add on your own changes if need be
  • Located towards the end of the 1000 max common event size so that you could easily copy/paste it into your game project without worrying about it overwriting the common events you have made earlier
  • Common events also include notetag parsing, which allows you to create your own custom notetags that will be utilized and recognized by the battle system if you wish.

5. Sample Project Gameplay

     The best way for you, the game dev, to understand what the card game is like is to be able to play it yourself.

  • 48 different opponents to play against each with different decks of varying styles.
  • When winning, losing, or resulting in a tie against NPCs, the player will be given access to a different number of booster packs to open
  • Multitude of maps split up to discern certain deck types found for different elements
  • Hints provided by the NPCs too
  • Sample code included to show you how to event NPCs to battle against the player
  • Debugging-purposed treasure chests available that give you access to all the cards and unlockables to test out gameplay even more.

Closing Disclaimers

     That's all the content included in the sample project. I do believe this is sufficient to get you started on the creation of your own card game. The sample project is meant to serve as a sample, hence the name, but if you wish to use it as a base/foundation to create your card game in, I won't object to it, but you may not re-release it as is. It has to be different enough for you to be able to call it your own as that is what's recommended to give your game its own proper identity.


Sample Project 416 MB
Jun 17, 2019
Card Game Core Plugin 233 kB
Jun 17, 2019
Card Game Deck Builder Plugin 129 kB
Jun 17, 2019
Card Game Mechanics Plugin 151 kB
Jun 17, 2019

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