Devlog for June 12, 2019 Update

A lot of things happened. I'll be explaining each of these

  • Changes to the project page
  • Changes to the Core and Deck Builder plugins
  • Newest Addition: Mechanics plugin
  • Sample Project Update
  • Plans Remaining

1. Changes to the project page

Quite a few changes have happened to the main project page. First of all, it was getting super crowded by holding the instruction manuals for all three plugins. So what I did was instead make devlogs of each of the individual manuals and linked them from the main project page. You can find the instruction manuals here:

I'll be adding in some new sections, too, once I get the full sample project made and ready. Maybe a F.A.Q. section, too.

Oh, and the price is now updated from $40 to $50.

2. Changes to the Core and Deck Builder plugins

Not much has changed for either of those, but there are still changes made.

The Card Game Core plugin has a new script call now: $openCardBoosterPacks, to let you, the game dev, open up a booster pack while letting the player's selected options go through for choosing to animate the boosters or not.

There's also a new option added for turning on/off animated cards. Instructions will be provided in the Core manual on how to add it in if you are using Yanfly's Options Core plugin.

The Card Game Deck Builder plugin has a couple of bug fixes regarding navigation that I missed before. These should be fixed now.

3. Newest Addition: Mechanics plugin

Nearly everything mentioned from the last devlog has been added into the Card Game Mechanics plugin and more. I do want to remind you all that it only contains the functions used in the card game's custom event battle system. All the documentation for the newest functions are available in the manual meanwhile the explanations regarding the battle structure and the code it uses will be reserved for the actual common events themselves.

Any particularly reason I'm not including those into the help file? Well, for one, the common events that make up the custom evented battle system have their own comments explaining what each and every event action does. The script calls have their own explanations, too. People who intend to customize the battle system to their own liking aren't going to follow a specific battle structure and will most likely edit it, so keeping all that bulk inside the manual won't do them much good.

But knowing that, it does seem somewhat hypocritical that I'm including notetags since those are actually declared by the common events themselves and not by the plugin. The notetags, in my opinion, are close to pretty universal for just about any kind situation in many card games so including them there are fine in my opinion.

The script calls are probably the most important part of the manual for anyone who wants to customize the card game further. I would recommend looking through that section heavily to understand what's going on and compare it to how it's being used in the sample project before attempting to alter the flow of the card game battle system for yourself.

4. Sample Project Update

A few things have changed from the last sample project.

  • All 126 cards provided have custom card effects, each unique from each other. You best refer to these if you want to see how certain card effects are made.
  • There are three starter decks to play with. I recommend using the first two since I've yet to win a game with the third. Either I suck at the game I made or the deck itself sucks.
  • There are two opponents. One has a static deck. The other will use whatever deck you're using as a complete 100% mirror match.
  • More assets added to the sample project, as to be a used due to the settings added from the Card Game Mechanics plugin.

5. Plans Remaining

I plan on adding more opponents to the sample project before deciding to say it's fully done, but for what really matters, the card game is fully playable at the moment with 126 card effects to play from. I'll be also working on a trailer, too, but once everything else is done. I'm not sure how long it will take me to make more opponents, but I reckon it won't be too long. I will still hold the estimate of between now and the end of the month for the final fully completed release of this Card Game plugin suite. For the time being, I'm going to take a small break for myself and finally catch up on some video games I've been backlogging, too.


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Jun 12, 2019
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Jun 12, 2019

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