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     This product is a series of plugins and a sample project. It offers you the ability to create a collectible card game in your RPG Maker MV projects as either a mini-game or as its primary focus, whichever one suits you better.

     The first plugin provides the core of the collectible card system and booster pack openings. The plugin generates these cards in template form in-game, which means that you do not have to create the card entirely each time, providing only the image of card art at bare minimum. The plugin's template structure will do the rest of the work, including animating them, putting stats where they have to go, and adding in the card text. Booster packs allow your players to open up packs of cards in an entirely new scene with rarity structure control, to let you, the game dev, determine what are the contents of your booster packs. If you don't wish to have a card game and just want collectible cards, this is the only plugin you need out of this set.

     The second plugin provides a deck builder, to be used with the third plugin, the game mechanics. The deck builder has been custom made to provide players an efficient way to manage and edit their decks, as well as provide ways for them to customize them outside of card content, such as deck sleeves and boxes. Players are able to name their decks, order them however they want, and even favorite them. What's more is that the deck builder also supports multiple rulesets, if your game happens to allow for that in-game. The scene is also fully customize-able through the plugin parameters, allowing you to change up how it looks to suit your own tastes.

     The third plugin provides the functions needed to make a card game playable and nothing more. It will not provide the structure for the card game itself. Why not? That's because the sample project will provide that. The card game's battle structure is evented inside a series of common events, allowing you, the game dev, to modify it however you want, ranging from making your own custom rules for it, or changing up how damage calculations are done. The plugin will provide a plethora of functions to let you shape up how the mechanics can work in the game, along with tons of customization as far as visuals go.

     The sample project will provide you assets for your card templates, 126 cards made and ready, each with their own custom card effects, a fully evented card game battle system free for you to modify, and a group of opponents to test your mettle against to let you, the game dev, get a feel for the card game itself.

1. Card Game Core Plugin

View the Card Game Core Plugin Manual Here

2. Card Game Deck Builder Plugin

View the Card Game Deck Builder Plugin Manual Here

3. Card Game Mechanics Plugin

View the Card Game Mechanics Plugin Manual Here

View What's Included in the Sample Project

RPG Maker Version

This plugin is made for and tested on RPG Maker MV with version 1.6.2.
I cannot guarantee if it works on lower versions.

Terms of Use

1. These plugins may be used in free or commercial games.
2. 'RPG Maker Irina' must be given credit in your games.
3. You are allowed to edit the code.
4. Do NOT change the filename, parameters, and information of the plugin.
5. You are NOT allowed to redistribute these Plugins.
6. You may NOT take code for your own released Plugins.


  • I am not responsible for any changes, additions, nor removals to code that you've conducted to the plugin parameters, plugins themselves, script calls, or card effects in the sample project. If you can replicate the errors in the sample project, contact me with the process and I'll fix it.
  • I am not responsible for the card game battle system not working if you change/customize the structure of it to fit your game. If the card game battle system, in its default state found in the sample project, does not work, contact me with the process and I'll fix it.
  • I am not responsible for plugin incompatibilities that are found outside of the sample project. I am also not responsible for plugins used outside of their intended scope even if they are included the sample project.
  • I am not responsible for performance issues for hardware specs that do not meet RPG Maker MV's requirements nor for customization changes that are outside the scope of reason (ie. large file sizes, too many sprites on screen at a time, or using irregular image compression).
  • I am not responsible for improper usage of script calls. If an error is caused by a script call that you made or edited from my own provided script calls, then the error is a direct result of your changes and not from my work.


  • 2019 June 24:
    • Fixed a bug to allow different text box locations if a card switches templates in the middle of battle.
  • 2019 June 21:
    • Added new functions to assist in custom pile usage. More in the devlog to come.
  • 2019 June 17:
  • 2019 June 13:
    • Bug fix made to the Deck Builder to prevent adding more cards than what you have available.
    • Bug fix to allow unlimited card mode for Deck Builder.
  • 2019 June 12:
  • 2019 May 27:
    • Added fail safes for Card Game Core: booster consumption errors in  and to prevent regular items from coming from booster packs are now fixed.
    • Added fail safes for Deck Builder: sprites loading and getting updated before they exist.
  • 2019 May 26:
  • 2019 May 19:
    • Fixed a crash bug if a graphic actually loads too fast. 
    • Also fixed a holo draw bug that doesn't clear properly.
  • 2019 May 17: 
    • Added spritesheet cell support notetags. 
    • Added fail safes. 
    • Fixed a few bugs.
    • Also updated the sample project and assets pack to have more holograms.
    • Further details explained here.

StatusIn development


Get this tool and 7 more for $79.99 USD
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